We Inspire Business peak performance

We offer a turnaround business consulting service that cuts across every organ of your business


Through our consulting workflow, we are certain that after interfacing with your business, you will experience high profitability from implementing our recommendations and utilizing our post-consultancy support.

Business Diagnosis

Enabling a glitch-free internal business systems is key to upselling your business targets. We start our engagement by carrying out business diagnosis to enable us understand your current operational model, align it with current market needs and spot out improvement areas that could yield you extra dollars if fixed. 

Business Systems Design

The exciting aspect of our job is to help you understand the possible changes you can effect to your current business systems. Most times, we see organizations focusing more on product design but without fixing your business systems, your product will not sell at its peak 

Talent Sourcing

To experience consistent up trending productivity, your workforce must be competent and flexible to meet the minimum required workplace skills that can enable them match the ever global dynamic business needs. We offer talent evaluation to ascertain the capabilities and skill gap present in your team, proffer talent development recommendations

​Post Consultancy Support

Our unique feature that makes us stand out in the region is our passion to see that all our clients are succeeding after subscribing to our services.
  1. Managing Director
    Workplace Capacity Building
    Empowering your workforce to prepare them for higher productivity
  2. Managing Director
    Strategy Recommendation
    Providing you with market proven strategies to yield you more dollars
  3. Managing Director
    Disruptive Business Growth
    We support you in implementing our recommendation until success is recorded
  4. Managing Director
    Business Process Engineering
    Helping you sync your business systems together to ensure efficient business operations


Ennovate Buiness Hub is at the forefront of growing Africa economy by supporting startups and growing businesses to attain peak performance in driving sustainable economy in the business ecosystem. We are able to support in transforming businesses by providing business systems consultancy and talent sourcing & onboarding services, in order to feed the workplace with the right talent, proven systems and structures to achieve disruptive growth.